Baker Industries Northwest PRODUCTS and DESIGNS

Below are summary descriptions of our main product categories. Please click on the links to product information sheets and drawings for more detailed information and descriptions of models and options.

Ground Level Spill Containment Units-Series 700

20GAL Leg-Mounted Ground Level Spill Containment

We offer many different sizes and styles of lockable "point of tank fill" spill containment units.   Leg mounted styles and tank mounted styles are most common.   Thru-wall models and pedestal mounts are also available.   Sizes are 20gal and 32gal, single and multiple products.   Epoxy powdercoated steel, stainless steel, and aluminum alloys are available for compatability with various liquids and environments.   Most models are UL Listed.
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Thru-Wall Fill Box with Flange Mount Tank or Wall Mounted Unit 32GAL 2-Compartment Dual Product Unit

20GAL Spill Containment Unit Secure In Wall Unit 20GAL Unit with Overfill Return

Tank Top Spill Containment Pans-Series 800

7 GAL Capacity Spill Pan with Internal Drain, new fuel

Smaller tanks are often filled directly on top.   We produce seamless spill containment units in a wide range of sizes which surround these top fill openings.   They are available with internal drains to allow overfill and spills to be returned to the storage tank.   Many models in sizes 5gal. thru 15gal. are UL Listed.   All models are available in powdercoated steel, stainless steel, and alloy aluminum.   Heavy wall styles are produced for casting in place during production of insulated and protected tanks.
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7 GAL Spill Pan with 2"inlet and "return drain 5 GAL waste oil style Spill Pan with internal screen 5 GAL Capacity Spill Pan

Rectangular Tank Top Spill Pans of all sizes are also produced.   Please contact us for more information.

Fluid Collection Carts-Series 1050

30GAL Fluid Collection Cart

Baker Fluid Collection Carts are designed for the safe draining and collection of used fluids (oil, anti-freeze, etc.) from all types of vehicles.   They are extremely durable all-steel construction and we produce them in sizes from 15 to 50 gallons.   The standard models are for use on paved surfaces and allow for easy servicing of trucks and other vehicles without the need of a floor pit.   A one inch pump-out fitting is included for transfer of fluids from cart to storage container or tank.   An off-road model is also produced for maintaining construction and farm equipment on-site.   This design features large diameter pneumatic wheels and higher ground clearance. Powdercoated steel is the standard finish on our carts in a wide choice of colors.   Stainless steel and aluminum models are also available.
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20GAL Fluid Collection Cart

All Baker Fluid Collection Carts have internal baffles and rolled lips for splash prevention, and are equipped with removable screens. Handles are provided with bronze bushings for all-position swivel.

Dispenser Stands-Series 1800

Powdercoated Dispenser Stands

These mounting platforms provide an elevated base for single and multiple product fuel dispensers.   They allow for easy access to all under-pump plumbing and electrical connections without the need to remove the pump or break concrete.   Dispenser Stands are available with mounting configurations and break-away valve support bracket(s) to match all major dispensers.   Models are available with integral spill containment if desired.   All are heavy gauge steel with internal angle reinforcement and are powdercoated.
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Stand for Dual Product Dispenser Stand for Single Product Dispenser, with hose retriever support collar and access panel

Hose retriever support collars, access panels, and piping/electrical provisions are among options available.

Grade Level Access Manholes-Series 300 and 400

36in. manhole with secure water-tight lid

Baker Access Manholes are heavy duty, high quality, and designed with many features uncommon in other manholes.   These are the manholes very often seen in the drive area of gas/diesel service stations and other fueling sites.   They provide access to the underground tanks and equipment.   Round styles are standard, and are H-20 load rated in sizes 5"ID to 42"ID.   Larger round sizes up to 60"ID are also produced.   Square and rectangular styles are available in a wide range of sizes.   Baker manholes may be ordered with stainless steel bolts to secure the lids and our proprietary extruded water-tight gasket.   They may also be ordered with stainless steel bolts and no gasket, or without bolts or gaskets.   Bolted lids are counterbored and bolts are hex head stainless steel for postive socket removal.   Stainless steel penta bolts are also available as an extra security option.   Many different riser heights are available, with 9" and 12" high standard.
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A variety of manholes awaiting shipment 24" water tight manhole Large galvanized manhole with 24" square accessway

Sturdy handles fit into recessed areas in the lid to allow for a flush fit, drop-down handle without holes through the lid.   Custom manhole sizes can be ordered to meet your needs.   Please contact us.

Island Forms and Accessories-Series 500

4ft x 16ft Tapered Island Form

Baker Island forms come in virtually any size and configuration to meet the standard shapes required by major vendors as well as custom shapes needed to accommodate special traffic flow and access requirements.   They are designed to be easy to assemble in the field and have sturdy 1" angle internal bracing. Most models may be ordered as knocked down (for easy shipping/assembly) or fully assembled and welded one-piece islands.   Baker Island forms are 12GA steel, primer coated exterior-light grey.
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A Truck Load of Baker Island Forms 4ft x 12ft Tapered Island with 4"Bollards Stainless steel Island Form

The most common island form heights are 9" and 13".   We stock both.   We are equipped to produce custom heights if necessary.  Galvanized steel and stainless steel Island Forms may also be ordered.

Curb Facings-Series 500

13"H curb facing

Baker Curb Facings are of 12GA steel and have the same 1" formed top rubrail as seen on our island forms. They are commonly used to face drive-throughs, customer entry ways, pickup and drop off areas, etc. Straight sections are available in a variety of lengths as are curved sections in virtually any radius to meet your needs.
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13"H Curb Facing

Standard height is 9" and 13", primer coated steel.   Powdercoated steel in your choice of color and stainless steel are also available.

Bollards and Pipe Guards-Series 500

4"SCH 40 Pipe Guard

These commonly seen products serve to protect dispensers and other components on a fueling island area from accidental vehicle contact.   They are also used to protect small buildings, kiosks, walkways, and equipment located near drive-through areas.   We manufacture u-shaped pipe guards in 3", 4" and 6" pipe sizes.   We use schedule 40 pipe as standard.   Straight pipe bollards are available in a variety of round sizes 4" through 10", in schedules 10, 20 and 40.   We also produce square tubing bollards in 4", 6" and 8" sizes and wall thicknesses of 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4".   Bollards (round or square) may be ordered in any length.   We supply these bollards and pipe guards coated on the outside with a light grey primer as standard.   They are also available with powdercoated exterior.
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Your custom colors can be supplied, as can stainless steel models.

Labels and Nameplates-Series 100 and 200

14GA Labelholder Nameplate with Brass Label

Baker Industries NW makes a wide range of metal Labels and Nameplates for the petroleum equipment industry and others.   We specialize in corrision-resistant nameplates and labels and do not produce decals or paper labels.  Typically, all characters are fully embossed (raised).   We use brass, aluminum, stainless steel or carbon steel as required.   Our Labels are not easily scraped off the product during transport or use, and will be readable for the life of the product.   A large variety of standard required 'tank marking labels' are in stock.  We are able to make new labels with any wording or logos you desire.   Nameplates are used by customers who wish to add a permanent high quality indentifier to a valuable item of capital equipment (storage tank, machinery, etc.).
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Steel Label "O" Brass Label "Emergency Venting" Stainless Steel Name/Specification Plate

We make Labels and Nameplates in all sizes, and serial numbered if you desire.  They may be attached by the manufacturer during production or the customer/owner upon installation.   Many mounting options are available.

Secure Equipment Cabinets-Series 2100

Lockable Equipment Cabinet

Our intent with this product is to provide the site designer a way to assemble all equipment components of a fuel dispensing installation inside a weather protected and vandalism resistant cabinet.   Each cabinet is sized and fitted with mounting struts to fit the particular models of hose reels, pumps, filters, etc. that you are utilizing.   Single or multiple access doors are available, and all have recessed key locks.   Cabinets are provided with structural support bases (I-beam or channel) for installation integrity and ease of transport.
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Equipment Cabinet with recessed key-lock doors Lighted Pedestal Cabinet powdercoated Cabinet with snow load-rated roof

Flourescent internal lighting can be provided in any of these cabinets.   Stainless steel may be specified for models to be installed in corrosive environments and coastal areas. Integral skid bases can be specified for larger equipment cabinets to facilitate movement over rough ground or ice.

Tank Accessories

24"dia x 24"high powdercoated Manway Riser

We manufacture a wide range of Tank Attachments and Accessories needed for today's specialized aboveground and underground storage tanks.   Threaded Tank Nipples from 1/2"NPT to 8"NPT are available, threaded one end or both, and in any length you need.   We supply these Tank Nipples powdercoated....with one or both ends bare steel if you desire.   They are ideal for connections to double-wall tanks where they can be welded to the inner tank and extend through the insulation/protection layer to the outer tank.

We offer specialty Tank Manways and Manway Risers in sizes 16" to 36" round, square or rectangular.   These are available with single or double bolt hole patterns with or without gaskets, nuts and bolts.    We supply veg fiber, buna-N, neoprene and teflon gaskets.
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powdercoated Pipe Nipples